I've Got One But Plan On G...

I've got one but plan on getting at least one more.
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I have one on my lower tummy of a bird. That little guy saved me one time when some scorned man made up a story that I was sleeping with him. He was mad because I told him I had a boyfriend and didn't want to. The story got back to my boyfriend and I asked my boyfriend if the tattoo was ever mentioned or go ask to see if he knew anything about it. Well I was in the clear after that because I never did sleep with him and he had no idea of what was down there.

I just got a tattoo across my upper back, a pair of swans,with their tail and wings ending in a floral design.I put mine and my husbands name and our wedding date below it.I love it!! I am planning to get more, they are addictive as everyone says!!

In response to JibberJabber, and anyone else who don't understand the love of body art. Some may see body art as anything but art. Others see it as beautiful its all about personal preference and self ex<x>pression. Personally I think they are beautiful on men and women. To me, the body is like a blank canvas and tattoos are my medium of choice. I love them. There are lots of places I wouldn't get a tattoo, but I believe in to each his own,.

I think tatoos on women that are in good taste and somewhat discreet is very sexy. It shows a wild side.

thats cool i have like 4 tattoo's 1 on each ankel and 1 on each wrist the back, and goin to get more 1 on each sholder, and probley goin to get more.

I got my tattoo to remind myself of an important changing point in my life. My husband had decided he wasn't a Christian anymore, and did not want to be married anymore. After good Christian counseling and healing, I got a purple butterfly tattoo on my shoulder. It is a butterfly because it represents the metamorphasis which was occurring, it was purple because it represents royalty and God was showing me that I am his daughter, and it is in full flight because God was teaching me to fly. My pastor thought it was cool. I probably won't get another, but I am proud of the one I have.

Fruitloopz, I was expressing my honest opinion...I do think women who get tats look old and used. Sorry, but it's the truth and there are many people out there who think the same...

Yes, you are right Fruitloopz, I guess I shouldn't have come to this group. I was just voicing my honest opinion about the tats. Sorry.<br />
<br />
You see, I think God did a great job making the human body and can't see that tats improve His handy-work.

WHY? Why would anybody want graffiti all over their bodies??? It makes women look like they've lived a hard, hard life...makes them look old...I just do NOT get it? Why would anybody want that?

I just got my first tattoo after about 10 yrs. of thinking about it. I got a dragon with a blue rose on my back with my kids initials. Everyone likes it so far and the guys comment on it more then the women do (I'm female). I want to get another one on my shoulder.

I think that at tattoo on a woman is like drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa.....Ladies, Please don't do it. You are perfect as you are.

I think tats on a woman is sexy as hell.esecially in privite places you ladies [yes I said ladies] know where these places are.the reason why I have ladies in pernacies is some people belive this to be un lady like. I say you go girl

what do you want to get? <br />
I have one on my lower back thats something I drew. <br />
its a cross with tribal markings beside it. <br />
I want more, but everything i'd get would symobilize something. :)

oh boy, yes yes yes. once you start its addictive, i only wanted 1. now ive got 8 and want more :-)

boy i have a lot of them and wear they should not be hehe

i also only have one.....i have one on my lower back in the middle of my spine.....it is a small tatoo and only in black...more tribal....i would love to extend it across round my waist and i would like to have my children's names tatooed on my neck in chinese letter......but it is so expensive here in south africa so i am trying to save up to have all this done!

Oh lucky you !!!! I wish I only had one tatoo but I started when I was to young to Know were I was going in life. So now it's the game of trying to cover them up with tatoos that say something about who I am.