I Have 7 Tattoos

i got my first one when i was 17. the word INNOCENT on my bikini line...again, i was only 17. i thought it was hilarious :) i got my second one on my 18th birthday. it was my present to myself...a tribal design with a green and yellow butterfly in the center. it's between my shoulder blades. when i was 19 i got a matchinng one...well almost. it is a different design and a different butterfly but the colors are the same..it's my tramp stamp as some would say. then i got a heart with wings on my chest...the only one i really dont care for anymore. it says 90% angel inside the heart...i thought i was so original at 19...turns out i was just dumb. my next one was an angel on my left shoulder with my great grandmothers initials under it. we were close and it helped me get closure. next was a star on my leg, it's actually a good charlotte tattoo. i know alot of people think that it's dumb to get band tattoos but i like it. the last one is a sparrow on my right shoulder. i cant wait to get my next one. i want to get a portrait of my daughter on one of my calves.
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1 Response Jul 6, 2007

I got my first tat when I was 25. I waited because everyone else was getting them and I didn't wanna be a tool like they were, simply copying off one another..It hurt like hell..I almost belted the guy it hurt so bad..Needless to say he isn't in business anymore..I went a few years later to get another and the man actually REFUSED to do it because he didn't agree with it. He soon went out of business too..So I only have one but I want more..