Tattoo Junkie?

I have had a few tattoos, but have recently had 3 of these covered by another full back. I have a butterfly on the inside of my right wrist, a celtic design on the top of my foot & a faery on my ankle. I had a shamrock on my left shoulder & a red rose on my right- was only 17 at the time, originally i chose them to highlight my English/Irish blood, but they ended up lookin a bit tacky 10yrs on. Also had a swallow on my chest (I know, i know! I still don't know what possessed me-was only 18, so i put it down to youthful exuberance,lol). Anyway, eventually the swallow, shamrock & rose had to go, so i had them covered first with climbing roses- they start on my chest, go over my shoulder & snake all the way down my back. Then, i decided the roses looked all forlorn on their own there, so i decided to add a few little friends- so i asked my tattooist if he'd do me some blocks & had a faery between my shoulders. I already knew i wanted more before i left; this time i wanted my own designs though, so i set to work & had two more faeries of my own design added. Did it in about 7 2hr sessions, though the bottom of my back felt like an eternity! Can hide the lot of them if i want to though. My back tattoo is very divisive-you either love it (like my mum), or you think i should join the circus (like my dad!). But i don't care cos i love it! The only person's opinion i cared about was my husband's & he said it's my body & it's my choice-can't have been that against it, as he paid! Must admit though, it is addictive- thought i was done, but now that faery on my ankle's looking a bit ropey.....mmmm...get back to you on that one. Oh, i forgot- have one more, waves with a lotus flower and the symbol OM, on the back of my neck. My auntie was over from Ireland last month and she was a bit shocked; she said, "But what about when you're dead old and wrinkly?".I said, "I'll be COLOURFUL & wrinkly!" D'you know what? I've just talked myself into another- gonna have the ankle covered-any suggestions?

kazwaz1977 kazwaz1977
31-35, F
Nov 24, 2008