I Dont Like Them. ...

I dont like them. I have no desire to have something peremanet on my skin. Plus why risk catching dieseases?
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Tattoos are a personal choice, I don't see anyone here asking your opinion on whether you like them or not, you should have posted your opinion in the I Don't Like Tattoos Group.

Diseases? You have a higher chance of catching something in any public place than from a tattoo.

I detect a holier than thou attitude and a need to let others know how superior you feel you are.<br />
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As an aside (because comments like these don't bother me in the least, I tend to smile at self righteous ignorance) but I never thought i would ever get a tattoo when I was in my 20's. I had no desire to look like a sailor or biker, because in my limited experience at that time, that was the only people I knew that had them. Perhaps now and then there was a small rose on a woman, but not much else. It quickly changed into a more widely accepted form of art. The more familiar I became with the art of it, the more I liked them and the idea of them. Granted, I was middle-aged before I ventured into a Tat Parlour, I have not regretted it at all and love the ones that I have. <br />
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As far as dieseases go (must have been a Freudian slip, dear), any reputable tat parlour is going to be hygienic, no one is going to risk their reputation on such stupidity. Besides, you risk disease in every aspect in life. It's the nature of the beast.

haha why would you hate tattoos. its a personal choice. i am who i am and you are who you are regardless of whats on your skin. i wish people would get off their high horse and realize that if you have tattoos it doesnt mean you are a bad person. i have 13 tattoos and i work on rodeo drive in beverly hills. times are a changin. word.

word! *fist bump* *shaka*

@ xxRoom101xx <br />
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Heh...cheap attempt. lol.

maybe her name is a bit of a clue................maybe she likes a little drama and is trying to create some here

Then why post anything in this section? :-/

I have heard of more piercings getting infected than tattoos. I don't understand why you would write a story in a group called "I have tattoos" if you dont even like them?

i respect you decision not to like them, but please be advised that if you go to a reputable tattoo artist, they will use all new needles, ink, etc. everything that cannot be used new (i.e. the tattooing machine itself) is broken down and put into an autoclave which is the most hygenic way to ensure things are clean. they {tattoo artists} also have to go through apprenticeship and certification periods that advise them on sanitary practices and the avoidance of spreading disease.