Ink Telling Life Stories........

I knew from the time i was old enough to enjoy tattoos i would one day have some of my own.

I got my first tattoo when i turned 21 although i had been looking for the perfect piece from the time i was 16.  It is the threatre masks on my right shoulder. Because it reminded me of who i was and am, never really letting anyone see if i'm happy or sad.  I then went about three years before i got my four leaf clover. Each one of the leaves stand for someone special in my life.  About ten years went by the bug bitting at me almost non stop. I went to Vegas and got my right inside wrist done with the symbol for friend in dark purple. This matches on that a very close friend also has.

I have at least three more that i want at this time. Although money seems to stand in the way.....I will keep being bit until i get them all.....ummmm and more knowing me! Because Tattoos show how we live our lives and what is most special to us. I believe that they are a part of life.  If you have one or one hundred it's all the same.

ranzlovebeetlejuice ranzlovebeetlejuice
31-35, F
Jul 9, 2007