I Have 7 Tattoos.  I Star...

I have 7 tattoos.  I started with a purple rose when I was really way too young.  The addiction started there!  Then I got 3 in Mexico! (needles in Mexico mixed with tequila-- NOT A GREAT IDEA!! ) Then I just kept getting them!  My husband hates tats so I haven't gotten any lately.  My last was 3 years ago.  My aunt and I got matching smiling suns on our ankles.
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Love getting them! My husband thinks mine are too big...

I would love to hear about your Mexican drink laced tat experience! Sounds so exotic!

I have a big tribal piece on my right arm wrist to above my shoulder, a bulls head on my left bicep a cover up on my forearm, and a ithcus cover up on my chest