The pain is worth it

I had three tats.....but a couple weeks ago, i got my fourth.  though technically i still only have 3 because i covered one of my old ones.  i sat thru 6 1/2 hours of pain to get a beautiful phoenix on my lower back.  i reached my pain limit about 5 hours into it and couldn't take it anymore.  i was shaking and crying.  but it's all over now and so worth it!

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I see the comments are already years old and no longer apply. I see how common it is for women to have tats now. I don't think anyone should be limited in what they find appealing just because they are a woman. Tramp stamp is name calling and pathetic. I had seen beautiful designs on the lower back. Each to his/her own.

I have around 15. I've always been against getting anything on my lower back...around where I live, it is considered a "tramp stamp"....basically any wanna be girl who gets ink, gets it on her lower back. (err..not to say anything about YOURS....just commenting on the area.)

i like tat's on a women the girl i see has 6 of them i have 3

I got my first tat when I was 22.The man that I soon married had 87 ! So tat's were a part of our life.I'm now 62 and have a son that does beautiful work and I can't tell you how wonderful to have art work done by my son on my body.My tat's are on my upper arm's so I show them when I please.LOL...year's ago tat's on a woman were a no no.I'm happy to see that most peep's don't judge you by your look's like they did back in the day. Have a Happy New Year all you all.

3 Tats isn't over doing it.

yes, i agree. my tats aren't "all over" my body, though. And you can't even see any of them unless I dress so you can. i don't think 3 tattoos is overdoing it if that's what you're implying.

I belive tats on a woman is fine as long as one knows where to draw the line [tats all over the body over kill]

I have a phoenix on my lower back as well. Mine took about three hours and the parts over the spine were the worst.