My Tattoo

My tattoo is on my leg... it covers a scar I got from falling asleep in front of the fire after a few too many bevvies at the pub!  I got my tattoo when I started in uni, and felt loaded and grown up - I had wanted one since I was about 15, by the time I got it I was 25 and pretty sure I wasn't just doing it to **** my mother off!!!

picksyqueen picksyqueen
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 18, 2007

You know, this and another experience group I came across earlier click together for me. The group was "I Am Afraid of Commitment". In fact I can't be, usually, because I have committted to so many things and never looked back. But here's where I'm afraid of commitment. If I was to have a tattoo would I regret it afterwards? Until I am sure that I wouldn't, I won't be going under the ink.