I Have Alot of Tattoos

 started when i was 16 , my mom took me to get it, she made me wait 2 years , I wanted it when I was 14, so 16 I get to go and my mom cried lol but i survived and now I dont know how many i have but I can say I have both arms fully done, my chest, all the way around my neck, my back, my ribs(almost done both sides) my stomach(almost done), from my knee to my ankle on both legs, 1 upper leg has some work, one hand and yeah check my pics out if ya want can see some of it I guess,get the idea

anyways, I love em and no I'm not done lol

and no im not getting any on the face or head, I figure when i'm finished i'll be like 85% covered

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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

good for you. i only have one. but yours sound amazing.