No One Ever Expects

I am one of those who has tattoos and nobody ever expects it. It's kind of fun sometimes to see the shock on their face when they see them.

KathleenAP KathleenAP
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

i am a front desk clerk at a nice hotel i do look slightly punk rock however at work i am professional ocassionally i reach to hand something to a guest and they get this surprised look when they see the sleeve i have started. it only makes me more determined to finish my sleeve

Haha - I am the same - I am an accountant and when I am in a suit for work you would never see my tattoos - i also have 6. And i am a band geek - always been in a brass band...I guess I am just the type of person you dont think would ever even consider a tattoo - but I love them!! :)