I Love My Tattoos

I got my first tattoo when I was 28. It was after my second daughter was born. I got a bluebird of happiness on my shoulder.  I went many years without another one but I always knew I wanted more.  One day I asked my husband if he would mind if i got another tattoo. He didn't have any. He said it was my body and if I wanted another tattoo, go on and get one.  He even suggested we go to the shop and look. I found the lighthouse tat I always wanted and as I was getting it done, my husband brought me a tat picture of wolves and asked me if I thought he should get it! I almost fell out of the chair!  I said if you're comfortable getting it, by all means, get it and he did! It came out fantastic and he later had a moon put behind the wolves.  I got my third tat the next year. It is a portrait of my brother Anthony who drowned when he was 18. I was 19 at the time and it was an event that devistated me and still devistates me till this day........ It is a gorgeous portrait and Mike did a fantastic job on it. It looks just like the picture!  My older brother loved it so much, he had it done too!  My 4th tat is of a picture of Ms. Scarlett. She was my bird. She was my constant companion and she died of a seizure in my hand. I grieved her like she was a human. I wanted her to always be with me so she is tatooed on my calf. She and my dear brother Anthony are with me always, not just in my heart but where I can see them each and every day!

Next I want 5 butterfies, one for each of the kids, each done in their favorite colors.

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Thank you for your kind words of sympathy. <br />
I have been thinking for a long time how I would commemorate the kids. I got the idea of the butterflies a couple of months ago. I even have the butterfly picture I want to use and I have their chosen colors, now I need to save for it. I want them all connected with a beautiful scroll vine with flowers. I haven't decided on which flowers though!

let me start by saying how sorry i am for your loss on your dear brother and your bird. second, kudos on the tats. i have 3 myself. none portraits though. i want something to commemorate my children. still not sure what to do.