Im a Female With 5 Tattoos and Counting =)

i think tattoos have gone very mainstream i am a21year old mother. and now have 5 tattoos i only have 1 i regret and that is my 1st one when i was 16 that is an asian symbol that doesnt mean what i thought it did :s make sure u check well!!!

my 2nd tattoo was a cheeky lil fairy on my shoulder, my 3rd tattoo is my sons name on my lower leg... my 4th is an pink lil dainty vine/flower design on my wrist (ouch) and my 5th is latin on the back of my neck for "Everything Happens for a Reason" a sentence i definitly live unsure if i will get anymore.. they arent for everyone but i definitly think they are alot more accepted these days.. ofcourse i get the odd person looking at me like im a gang member or something coz i have tattoos lol which i definitly am not! i love the ones i have ..but the one on the back of my neck was by far the most painful one yet!!!!

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Feb 17, 2009