Don't Drink & Ink

My brother just recently got his third tattoo. His friend's friend is a tattoo artist. This tattoo artist "sort of"* works in a shop, says my brother. That shop just so happens to be called "Back Alley Ink"**.

My brother swears they were both sober when they started putting  that tattoo on his ankle. By the time the tattoo was completed they were drunk.

Needless to say something went wrong. My brother's now in the hospital with MRSA in the leg he got the tattoo.


* - Sort of = does not.

** Back Alley Ink = some undisclosed location that wasn't sterile; not a real tattoo shop (to my knowledge)

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Most English tattooists refuse to tattoo anyone under the influence - not only because decision-making abilities aren't great when p1ssed, but mainly because alcohol thins the blood & this does not make for a good tattoo.<br />
The thought of getting a tattoo at a shop with dirty ink is scary - we're too strict over here, so hopefully it'll never happen. I think a lot of responsibility rests with the customer - you need to check out the place where you're being tattooed, ask the tattooist if he's had awards, ask the customers what their experience is, look for the appropriate certificates etc. Then when you're satisfied all's well, stick with that shop.<br />
I've been using the same guy now for 16 years; he's won lots of awards, he's well known, clean, not pervy and extremely stringent about hygeine - he won't allow even your friend to sit with you while you're being done - reckons it's a high risk for contamination and it puts him off. Has a big sign in his shop which says ' If you are in a rush, don't expect me to be; a good tattoo TAKES TIME'<br />
so, unless you're getting your ink done in jail, i can't see any reason why other shop owners couldn't stick to this way of thinking.

I got a tattoo after a night of drinking. The needles were brand new but what I didn't realize is that the ink was dirty. <br />
The tattoist was pouring the inks back in bottles to save money! This tattoo is on my neck!<br />
The next thing I know is I geta phone call telling me the tattooist dies along with 3 other customers from Hep C. This was seven years later after I found out.<br />
I ran to Dr. and sure enough had Hep C. Luckily I keep myself so health that didn't effect my liver. <br />
After one self injected shot every week for 52 weeks, I was concidered a cure. This means there is no trace of Hepitis C. Most people go into remission, mine was cured!<br />
How Ironic that needles saved my life!<br />
If it wasn't for that phone call, I would have died eventually! Please when getting tattoos make sure that Tattooist is using ink cups, you are unable to pour ink back in bottles that way! Remeber this is your skin!<br />
I have 11 tattoos and make sure I now use same Tattooist who uses all new needles, inks and is unbelievably clean.

Wow that sucks...You're not supposed to be drunk when you get a tat done anyway...It thins the blood and bleeds the ink out.