I Made a Mistake

I have 2 tattoos and all I can think about is getting rid of them. I loved them at first the artwork is just so beautiful but when I became a mother my attitude changed and now I worry if I am setting the wrong example for my kids.
SalasLady SalasLady
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 12, 2007

Dont worry about them. Its more important to show them how to be decent human beings. No matter what you did or do your kids will grow up one day and do things that will give you major 'what in the world' moments and none of that will be because of you. And its not 1960 when only prostitutes and sailors got tattoos...its not taboo anymore and as they grow up it will be like what hair color is like now. And if you feel that your kids will want tattoos just because you have them dont worry about that, kids are inexperienced not stupid.

I cant see why that would be a bad example for kids. Its just artwork, and it doesn't change what type of person you are for having them. I actually kept trying to convince my dad to get one.