Lol...Tattoos Huh?

I started tattooing as Doc Holliday 38 years ago when I was 13 in Philadelphia. And have spent almost 30 years tattooing Americas finest Marines at Camp LeJeune North Carolina. For those that follow tattooing, I worked for Phila Eddie in 1975 and now work for his son.

When most of us started, we had favorite people that we looked up to and idolized. The kids today call them the "old school" guys. Now I'm one of those old school the people I looked up to, I have become friends with over the years.

 A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. But it sure has been a fun ride!


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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I would love to get a butterfly tattoo buy am afraid it will be very painful. Is this just my mind being over active also how long would it take to have it done and would it be sore and painfull afterwards. I think I am rambling on too much . Did I give you a headache yet.

yeahhh you should post up some of your work

that's awesome! i have been wanting a tattoo for years, but was never sure of what to get. now i'm finally inspired. i think the time is coming for me to get my first inking!