The Fabulous Four...

I have four tattoos.  I designed them all and I love them all.

1. My first was an outline of the state of Louisiana with a crawfish in the center of it with a feather in it's claw.  It's in the middle of the top of my back.  It's meaning isn't cryptic, but no one ever knows what state it is (really? it's the only one shaped like a boot!!).  I was born in L.A.  The crawfish is representive of strength and stubborness.  The feather represents the fact that I'm a Native American (but I don't get pissed if you call me an Indian).  It didn't hurt much when it was being done, but it hurt like hell afterwards.  Plus there was the whole, holy crap I just go a tattoo!

2. My sister and I have matching tattoos of the second one I got.  It was her first tattoo.  It's on the top of my right foot and it hurt like a blow torch being held an inch away from my foot.  It's four apple blossoms, one for each member of our immediate family.

3. My third tattoo was done on Mr. Luther King Jr day and it is the only tattoo I got because I was bored.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't just go get it, I thought about it for a few weeks before.  I just happened to have the day off, the money to do it and the drawing made.  It's a shooting star and it's on my inner left wrist. 

4. My fourth is possibly my favorite tattoo and it's mostly because I can see it clearly every time I look down.  It's on my right wrist.  It's a paint brush wrapped around my wrist that meets on the inside middle with a scripted J.  It's black and grey and it's fabulous.

je006j je006j
26-30, F
Feb 26, 2009