Mine Show My Spirit

I have always had an affinity for butterflies, and it has nothing to do with being girly or picking something out of a flash. They represent my free spirit, and at times my non-commital flightyness. I get my butterflies just after I do something freeing.

My first one was this beautiful, tiny blue butterfly with folded wings on my lower back, about the size of a quarter. I told the artist exactly what i wanted and he came up with it immediately. It is my most beloved tattoo, and I got it during army training in texas.


The next one was a monarch in purple on my hip, for when i broke up with my abusive boyfriend. I was in california with my best friend and taking a break from sulking about it at home.


When I allowed myself to love again and actually told the man(who I later married) I was again with my best friend and I got myself a golden moth on my ribcage, under my left arm. I chose a moth because it is a more grounded symbol than the butterfly, I was moving into a new stage of life, where I wanted to be less flighty.

My latest tattoo, is not of a butterfly but a bible verse. It has several lines on my lower back(making a thong like shape) and the book chapter and verse just under the blue butterfly, right at the top of my buttcrack(this tattoo is the only one that actually hurt. And only on top of the spine and on the buttcrack part) it is written in the papyrus font(like a scroll) and it reads like this on my back


Yea, though i walk through the valley

       of the shadow of death

           I shall fear no evil

         for thou art with me

           (butterfly here)

              Psalm 23:4


I chose this because I was days away from leaving for iraq and I wanted to remind myself that god would be with me, even there. I am pregnant now, and I plan to get another one soon after my child is born, to represent my transition into motherhood.

Ashahmal Ashahmal
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2009

well i saw the Tattos of Anilina Julie .. and i like them .. but i did not like to make any Tattos on my own . body.. <br />
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