Well... what can I say... I love tattoos and what most of them represent to people! Every tattoo on somebody has a personal story to it whether is it something from hard times or just a fun whim with a friend.  I, myself have six. I have the standard girl placement tattoos haha. I have a vine with flowers that I drew on my lower leg, a island on my shoulder blade, a star behind my ear, a heart of roses with my initial inside the heart on my back (yup, I have a tramp stamp) :), a butterfly on my boob.. and ... a crown on my butt :)  I am always drawing or creating new tattoo ideas .. I just wait for the right time to get em' :)  Like, I said.. every tattoo has a story.. and mine are GREAT haha.. all my tattoos and piercings are a part of me and I don't regret a single one!

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to the one with 22 tats... what do you have and what are you getting on Tuesday????

Tattoos are amazing. They are one of the best ways to represent yourself. I have 22. Getting 22-25 on Tuesday....Hooray for tattoos!!!

Great story! There's something about getting a tattoo. It's almost addicting and the adrenaline rush is incredible! I'm getting ready for my next one!

I love the fact now the people of all age are getting tattoos... who would have thought that "skin art" would bring generations together :)

Me to. its a great way to express yourself.x

HA! I know!!! Some people may hate them.. But I LOVE THEM!

Me to. once I got my first I became an x