I have 2. Both were gifts from my mother.

The first is on my lower back. Over here we call it a Santa Cruz license plate. I got that when I was 18 and it was inked by the same man that did one of my mothers tattoos when she was 20 years old. It is Hawaiian ivy and hibiscus flowers. The artist had a very heavy hand and you can tell in the line work.

My second, and my favorite, is across my shoulders. It was my 21st birthday gift. They are Himalayan snow leopard spots that were free handed with a shading needle at an sf tattoo expo. While I was in my chair my mother was sitting next to me getting her 20 year old tattoo touched up. I guess it's how the two of us bond.

I have plans to get more work done but tattoos are not a financial priority for me.
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pretty amazing