My Ink

The first tattoo I got was a tribal arm band but I asked the artist to extend it so it would wrap ALL the way around and not just part of the way like so many people do...not that I'm knocking them at all.  I had seen an Aerosmith concert in Memphis the night before and had wanted to get inked for a long time.  I guess the concert was added motivation; even though it's a lame excuse...I just knew what I wanted and when I saw that tribal I knew it!

My second came after my son was's a heart withhis name in a banner and tribal wings.  He seemed to "flap his wings" in the crib and I was calling him "Flyin Ryan" so the chosen tattoo was a natural choice when I was thinking about the design.

My 3rd tattoo came after my little brother died at age 28; 10 days after his 28th birthday to be exact.  I had to fly home from Afghanistan to bury him but I did it and still miss him today! 

The 4th tattoo was a creation that I always had in my head but I'm no one of my soldiers is an artist and when he put it on paper I knew right would be my next one when I came home on leave.  It's an Army tattoo but an original as I had it in my head for years!  But it turned out great and I love it!

I love all my tattoos, they all mean something to me or were during a "period" of my life.  Seems I will always have a reference to that particular moment in time when I think about what, when, why, and where I got inked.  I have more that I want to get...just thoughts and random ideas I've come up with over the years.  As soon I can afford it or "that moment" comes along; I'll get another one.

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36-40, M
Mar 16, 2009