I've Got Tattoos :) and I Promise I'll Get More (:

I have 9 tattoos. 2 of them I got this week! I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday in September of 2008. I got my horses name Nevada and a neat butterfly above it. My second tattoo was a crescent moon and star behind my left ear that my friend J did for me. It looks like crap and I need to get it fixed. I got my neices name...Braeleigh on my left wrist. I have a tattoo that is similar but modified to best friends peace tattoo on my right forearm/wrist. I got a tribal design butterfly tattoo that came out looking like an inappropriate anatomy. I went back the next day and got it covered up with a custom butterfly design which I hate very much. I also have a line of scattered stars across my left forearm which is the begining of my left sleeve. I have a large completely black filled in Chinese Peacock design on my back right shoulder. Last night I got a heart with music staff wings and leaves going across the heart creatively designed by my friend Marc. And tonight I got 8 stars on my left shoulder..which is the top part of my left sleeve. I have so many tattoos to complete and so many more to get. I will be covered from the waist up by the time I am 25. :) I cant wait. (: And my husband loves them. He is gonna have more than me! 


SpidermonkeysWifey SpidermonkeysWifey
1 Response Mar 18, 2009

They all sound lovely. You should post pictures of them :-)<br />
Getting tattoos can be addicting! I'm plotting my next one too!