I Love My Tattoos & Want More!!

i got my first tattoo when i was 19. it is two cresent moons w five stars. (i think it is on my profile lol) it looks like this **)*(** is the best way to "show" you if i dont have it on my profile. it is on my lower back.

i got my second tattoo sept 08. it is on my right foot. it is two shooting stars. it was actually a temp. tattoo from my son's temp tattoo collection. i loved it so much i got it done for real ;)

i want to get at least three more. the next one i want is on my left ankle, interlocking stars. the one after that, small black stars that leads into birthstone color stars for my family then ending in the small black stars. going down my spine in a spiral. and my third one... is three stars with fun spiral lines with it. trying to figure out where to put that one still... i thought the inside of my wrist, but my veins are really hmmm yea lol, it would bleed really bad.

as you can tell, all my tattoos have the same theme. i am weird like that. they have to match in some way... stars & moons. i wanted a faerie, but i dont know how to tie it in... maybe with moons & stars around it. but i dont know where to put it... hmm maybe 4 more lol

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Tats are cool. It is best if they have some meaning to them.<br><br />
I have one myself. It is shown in my profile as well. : )