I Had to Cancel My Next One

At the moment I have 3 tattoos, each one has a personal  story behind it.I have some script on the inside of my left forearm,I have some more script on the inside of my right wrist,I have rosary beads on my right foot and I was booked in to get my next one in at the end of  April but I booked it months ago and completely forgot about it.

My girlfriend and I started tryin for a baby and I'm hoping to be pregnant by then so I can'y go ahead with the tattoo..I passed my appointment over to a friend who's gettin her first one and couldn'y get an appointment til Noverember..so some good will come out of it.

annabellef annabellef
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2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

That was nice of you.<br />
I am go to get another one. <br />
I have 2 of them.<br />
But I have not found one yet I like to get.<br />
<br />

hey thats great. could i get one when i come there?