I Now Have Ten Tattoos!

So I had my tenth tattoo done on friday. Had Carpe Diem on my feet. I love it! I definatly try to live for the day! All of my other tattoos have meaning behind them. I have tear drops on both my index fingers, these represent the grieving I have done for my Dad and for my baby I aborted. I have 3 stars on my right arm to represent me and my two brothers. I have a chinese symbol which means mother on my right arm, as I love my mum more than life its self. I have a angel on my left wrist, as I believe we all have angels watching over us. I have a english rose above my left breast, as i am proud to be english. I have my name in Arabic above my right breast, as I love arabic righting and fell in love with eygpt when i visited! I have another chinese symbol on my left shoulder, which means happiness, as I try to be happy everyday. And finally I have Dad writen on the bottom of my neck, just to show my love for him!

oioisavloy oioisavloy
18-21, F
Mar 23, 2009