I'm Not Addicted Only Ummm Obsessed :)

I have gotten 6 tattoos so far. They are all placed where nobody would know I had a tattoo unless I want to show them.  This was done partially on purpose (job requirements) and by chance (I wanted certain things on certain places). My first was a butterfly on the back of my neck. The meaning was to be a sort of rebirth after a bad long term relationship I had escaped, that was in '98. Well I "collected" them over the years and I love them, well there is this one a 4leaf clover that says "lucky you" that might have not been the best choice lol but it seemed like a good idea at the time. My favorite one is on my thigh it runs from my knee to my hip bone. It's a beautiful naked fairy sitting in water, surrounded by rocks and lilies (my fav. flower). I got it because it symbolized feminine beauty, freedom and well makes me feel sexy. My oldest wasn't too fond of the nips but she has gotten past that now :) I plan on getting my other thigh done with the same background (water, rocks and lilies) and 3 little fairies (to symbolize my girls) playing in the water. I found a great fantasy artist that is working with me to create my fairy babies. Each has been drawn to look exactly like one of my girls...still waiting on #3 so I can get it finished. Tattoos to me are a great artistic expression as long as you choose wisely (no 4 leaf clovers saying lucky you). All mine are done in the same colors and theme.

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I have always been in business, meaning you cant be all tatted up (at least not they can see) so all of mine can be covered up for work. Go for it! You will be scared at first but I am telling you it wont be long before you go back for a second, third, fourth... lol

Nice tattoos. Great ideas. I always wanted to get a tattoo but have been too much of a wimp. Mostly because of my job though. I always found the tribal arm bands to be really neat.

I totally agree with the choosing wisely. I like having one big piece you can either carry over to other parts of the body (I have a big wing/ cherry blossom tree on my back, with the possiblity of arm and leg portions). The better you plan, the less you end up looking like a jigsaw puzzle. But some people like the patchwork look, good for them.