Have/Had 4 Tats

    My first 1 was when I got separated in the summer of 2006 . Then 2 followed six weeks later .  Then I got one on a dare in VA beach summer of 2007 .

  Was in a traumatic accident in 2008 and lost it by amputation .  All is well.

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Thanks all for commenting.

That's probably a good thing. You will get one when your ready.

I have none.... yet! :-)

Sounds very sexy.......

That sound very attractive. Tattoos are fun if you get the right artist. And that is special what you done for your friend..

I have one in memory of my best friend--a little dragon fly on my right foot--she knew I loved dragonflys--my aunt taught me their significance years ago--Lori bought me a bracelet--it's an ankle bracelet--she died two years ago--she was my best friend--she died on a Sunday-that Wednesday I was at my daughters soccer game--dragonfly landed on my right foot--right up by my toes--at her funeral that Friday--I was in a pair of peeptoed high heeled black shoes--my sons room mate said "mary, a tattoo would look great right there--and pointed to my right foot--I got the tat on Sunday--I love it--it's little, it's feminie, it's delicate--it's me--and I treasure what it signifies. My daughter just had one done on her 18th birthday--she and her future SIL who are polar opposities-did it as a bonding thing--an open shamrock with a claddaugh in the center--

It is not bad as long as the artist is good you will be done in no time..

I'm having my first tat on my next birthday in March... I'm excited but scared tooo....scaredy cat that I am!

No problem.........

Oh I will thanks........

Thank you much obliged....

Check them flourlady 111 you may look nothing to hide.....

Idont have any but love to look at other peoples!

Check out my pictures on my home page.........

Well I waited till I was 38..

I don't have any. My 21 year old daughter got her first on her ankle. She loves it

Not sure what I will do . Since the one was removed from my accident.....,


I used to tattoo not far from Va. Beach, in Elizabeth City, NC. And may go back there to help out an old friend with his tattoo shop. Seems the guys he has working for him now aren't fast enough to keep up and he's turning people away.<br />
<br />
Can see my tats in my photo album.