I Design My Tattoos.

First of all, I work in medical research and I'm a mom and wife. I do 'well' in life. I hate when people judge all tattoo'd/pierced people as druggies/alcoholics no-good folks. Then again, I also hate the new fad of giggling girls walking into the tattoo studio and pointing to a butterfly on the wall and saying "I want that one on my ankle!" Or getting another such piece of flash without even putting any thought into it! Same goes to the dudes who walk in just to get a barbed wire arm band or 'tribal piece' etc.

I draw my tattoo's with the knowledge that they're going to be on my body for the rest of my life. That is NOT for everyone. Each piece I have has taken at least a year to design, and multpile sessions to place. They are big and intricate and meaningful. I usually walk around for a few weeks with the picture taped to me to see if I like seeing it on me before I have it permanently placed there. The meaning that I put into my drawings goes extremely deep. Past, present, future. I do have a small obsession with eyes so there is a small piece that's going on my thigh right now that has no meaning at all and is just going there to cover a scar from where I got stabbed.

I'm not going to describe them all- I have one covering each upper arm (I don't do lower arms so that I can wear 3/4 sleaves at work if necessary and cover them when in professional situations- normally I can show my tattoos at work though), one covering almost all of my left calf, and a new one on my thigh.  the arms go from top of shoulder to the elbow, and the calf piece starts at the ankle and hits the knee. I want to have it be a whole leg piece when done.

I'm just writing this to say- put some thought into your tattoos and make them mean something so that when you're old you don't look at your cartoon or butterfly and say why the hell did I put this on me?

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I think that if a tattoo makes you happy, then that's awesome. Not all mine were "thought out" and I've had them for years and they're still hilarious or great to me. Just because someone doesn't take years to decide doesn't mean they'll regret them for the rest of their lives. I can't WAIT to be 50 looking at children's sketches on my neck. Honestly. 6 year old children's drawings of animals. On my neck. Will I regret it? Who knows. But it draws a map of my life.

haha, being stabbed is completely irrelevent and totally 'uncool' if it happens to you! Thanks for the comment though. <br />
As for the rose- hopefully it means something to you.<br />
One of my friends does the stencil thing, I think that's awesome. I do my pictures on paper and then use a copy machine to transer over onto 'sticker paper' so I can just smack 'em where their going to be as I don't know how to do the stencil and it would cost to have the tattoo person do it before I know it's what I want. =) <br />
I've also used athletic tape and taped transparencies to myself but that was a long time ago! <br />
I like the idea of a waiting period on tattoo's. My cousin just got a male body part tattoo'd on her hip and is pretty unhappy with herself now. wonder why?

You are the first person I have ever heard of taping a picture to their body for weeks. <br />
<br />
I have done the stencil work for a piece in the past though and left it there until it washed off too be sure I would still feel the same later about it. <br />
<br />
So pretty much the same idea, just different methods. <br />
<br />
I agree with you completely though. Too many people just blindly select generic flash art that they will possibly regret later. There should be a 24 hour waiting period.

wow so you got stabbed?