My Wonderful Addiction!!

as of today i have 6 tattoos! about to get my 7th next months some time.

i have shooting notical stars on my left side, love on my left ankle, hate on my right, a star on my wrist, and wings on both of my hips.

i love the feeling... its relaxing to me!!! my next one will be the support our troops ribbon on my left rib cage close to my heart becusae my dad and my boyfriend are both in the military about to go over seas to iraq and afghanistan.

AnkneysGirl AnkneysGirl
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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

That's a nice gesture. Whatever the politicking the soldiers are trying to get on with the job.

thank you...ill keep you bf in mine too!! thank him for all of his hard work!<br />
<br />
yeah some drama.... but it keeps the group fun! except this drama is kinda creepy!!!