Body Ink & Memories

I wouldn't trade or wish away any of the ink I have.  Each tat signifies a memory or turning point in my life.  They serve as a reminder sometimes of places and people I held special in my life.  Some mean an end to a story in my life and others remind me there are new beginings waiting for me.

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2 Responses Dec 28, 2009

I got some of my tattoos simply because I liked them (and still do). I got a divorce tattoo which is two green eyes (my eye colour) and "I've woken up" written in a smile underneath. Think it's funny that as soon as the abusive **** saw it, he knew what it meant, lol. I tell people that I've made mistakes and won't be making those ones again, when I'm asked what it means.

Awesome way of wording it. Everybody always feels the need to ask me why I have a tattoo on each of my wrists (as in why I chose that particular spot)....when I see those tattoo's it reminds me of my strength and how i'll get through this part of life without drowning in emotions. One of mine means new beginnings for me! <br />
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Fruitloopz, that's funny. The next time some idiot asks me that question, i'm gonna steal your answer and give it to them :p