My Guardian Tattoo

I was sixteen when I realized I wanted a tattoo. I was living with my grandparents and grandma would say - "You are not getting a tattoo if you're living in my roof". Well, gotta be patient, I said.

Then I got married and moved out of my grandparents. Heck, hubby said - "Why do you need to get a tattoo? It looks dirty". But ever since Miami Ink started showing on TLC, he is always watching the show. D-uh?

Finally, an idea dawned on me. I went up to my hubby and asked if I could ask something for Christmas. I'm the type who doesn't ask for anyhting on Christmas or birthdays or anniversaries. I would always say - "Surprise me". So hubby was of course curious. And I said - "I want a tattoo for Christmas".

Am I smart or what? :) Just took me gaziliion years to come up with that idea though...geez.

So hubby couldn't say no. I mean, it's what I want for Christmas, right? And so he just answered - "Then I'm getting a tattoo for Christmas as well".

Last December 10, 2009, I got inked! It's the tattoo I've always wanted since I was 16...a guardian...sitting on a leaf among the vines. She's on my left side and would forever guard my back.

It ain't finished though. The vines still have to crawl but the main design, my fairy, is done.

And I'm very, very relieved we're finally together. :)

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
31 Responses Dec 29, 2009

Pull my shirt up huh??... whack... <br />
<br />
It comes with a prize to have my shirt pulled up... *winks back*...

Dean... You do, huh? Oh, please do tell what your wisdom suggests what I should get next?... *hands on hips... wand ready*...<br />
<br />
Ever... Gorge as in gorgeous? Or gorge as in it makes your blood rise? Though making the blood rise is kinda thrilling, too... haha... I'll send you a pic, hun... *boobie squishes*...

I'm very certain it is! Those tree nymphs are my cousins!!!......... They're a bit shy at times, like me, LOL....... okay, cool it!..... haha...

lol you're as 'bad' as me:D))))), no patience at all,<br />
is that a trait of a Dryad i wonder:))

Oooohhhh.... you don't tell a fairy something like this then ask her to wait...... *Sylph is now bouncing up and down with excitement*.....

that's me:D <br />
i have a story i want to share in one of my groups but it will have to wait!

*Sylph curtsies to K*........... and so are you... I have great respect for Tree Huggers.

*bows to Sylph* you are full of grace,like a fairy is I imagine:)))<br />

*Sylph rocks her head with Kitti*....... she's colour green and her name is Sylph. <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
There's a picture of her in my album, too, Kitti....... *Sylph shows off her photo album to Kitti*<br />
<br />
Yes... a fairy keeps her pinky promises, K..... always.

just awesome yes i want to know~ I will hold your pinky to it :))

ohhh I wish I had the guts to get a tat .... what color is she ?.... rock on girl !!

Ahhh... the next one... I'm still figuring that one out. I know I thought of something... it's something to do with my violin............... but during the course of the past days... my mind is now negotiating what design to have..... too many designs to choose from..... *Sylph shakes head*..... aaahhh...<br />
<br />
But I will keep you posted... pinky promise! ;)

Sylph, can you share with us what your next one will be? It's all very exciting :) <br />
I watch LA ink too, it's cool and Kat is quite stunning!:))

LOL, Roj........ that about sums it up..... but Sylph is cunning and was able to get away with it... ;)<br />
<br />
Bliss... tattoos are addictive... very addictive... my head is already brainstorming another one...

sounds really lovely sylph. my daughter (who is 15 now) is crazy about tattoos. I think she is sensible enough not to go too mad with it ... but I do expect she will get one as soon as she is 18.

This is why you never promise to get someone 'anything they want' for Christmas...

Haha... true, LV... it worked for me!........... Don't really know about it being educational... but the outcome is surely what I wanted. ;)

Aw!<br />
<br />
this is an amazing story,<br />
<br />
Now I know how to ask for things, very educational thanks

Deltagirl...I'm more worried about when he's not tattooing you versus when and if he does give you a tattoo! Promise to show and tell your design, okay?<br />
<br />
LOL Thanks for the babble, SM...but anytime you want to share, you're always welcome to join in. And yes, I am scheduled to see my tattoo artist tomorrow to schedule when we add my vines...most likely in two weeks time, I'll be going "aaahhhh" again as I get inked. ;)<br />
<br />'re bad...I like it! ;)

great story and very touching :) tattoos are very addictive are you getting anymore? i have 3 a monkey doing a handstand on the word mom with a banana under it on my leg, a pink rose in memory of my great grandma and my great uncle with their last name above it and their initials on either side if the stem on my back, and 3 shooting stars on my foot. i got the monkey and the rose done in the same year within like 6 months of each other its so addicting. And i already know exactly what i want my next 2 to be i want a human heart with wings on the back of my neck with the words "You are the music of my life" under it and 3 small pink butterflies behind my ear :) sorry i kind of babbled there lol

Are you sure he's an okay dude? I'm beginning to doubt him again...why change name???

He seems full of fun, Deltagirl...a bit eccentric but that makes it more fun. LOL Like you never know what he will do next... ;)

Hmmm...calling you, ay? Hmmm... ;)<br />
Hey, if he gives you a free tattoo...why not, Deltagirl? Just think about what design you will like for the rest of your life...something that means to you that much. :)

We all are, Deltagirl...we all are weirdos!!! LOL That's why we're super heroes! (dun-duh-duh-dun...our jingle, remember?) *hugs*

Well, that's the child in him for having strange and weird thoughts. I guess he's safe. :)<br />
Plus you can always use your super powers to control his oddity. LOL ;)

Ugh...better use your super power to ward him off...seems creepy... LOL ;)

Thank you, Deltagirl...brave??? Bold probably...the fear of the needle challenged me and made me really anxious and excited. Crazy feeling. ;)<br />
<br />
That was a funny man to chase you just to get tattoos. LOL ;)

It is addictive. I'm seeing my tattoo artist on Friday for the vines that have yet to crawl around me...well, almost around me...I had to get over the pain before summing up the courage again to face the needle. LOL And if you think you want one...give it a lot of thought. We are talking of forever here. :)<br />
<br />
But it's really, really cool to have one! ;) Maybe something super hero style...hmmm...we need to brain storm for this one again, ay? ;)

Really, LillyLou?<br />
How many do you have so far?

For sure :) Can't wait to have it all finished. <br />
My swimming causes the delay to complete everything. I can't swim after getting the tattoo for 3-4 weeks. And I try to swim at least twice a week. I'm back on the pool next week.<br />
<br />
But now though, I chanced upon this picture that can be a tattoo design. And it almost personifies my being. At least, that's how I see it. So now I'm tempted...<br />
<br />
I was told that tattoos are addictive...well...I'm getting there.

So true, palegemini. My ideas are on a list that I have to do before I die.<br />
I love the forever-part. I think I would love anything that would be forever, always, and ever. I hate anything or anyone that goes away. I always find difficulty delaing with loss.<br />
But yes, they were years that I've spent wanting my tattoo. I didn't even mind the money - heck, I just did overtime. :)