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Ooooooo The Pain Missus


My wife wont let me get any more tats she said i was too old. I am only 55 and only have 16 of them. My back still has room for a quarter size as i only have two on it. should i

1 Kick the ***** to the curb and get that Harley I’ve always wanted


2 Die old gracefully, year like with a bottle of Jack in one hand and a Bint in the other     

TheTadpole TheTadpole 51-55 1 Response Jan 25, 2010

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I would just get the tat. My husband is pretty against them, but I explained how deeply sentimental they are to me. We set a few ground rules like no satanic stuff or any names other than the kids. Also not putting them in questionable places. Although I will have a half sleeve soon, but I don't think he realizes that yet....