Tattoo # Two

i just got my second tattoo a few days ago and i love everyhting about it. its a bird, phoenix spesifically and it takes up my entire forearm, and the wings wrap around to the front of my forearm so it looks like the bird is hugging me. i got it to cover up scars from when i used to cut myself so it was a pretty emotional process, but now that i have it i feel like a new person. i still have to get it shaded in but even the outline is beautiful. i just cant wait till its all done. i also have another tattoo on the back of my neck and its a set of wings and a symbol that means forever healing. i want all of my tattoos to have an important meaning, i just dont know how many i want to get. i have these 2 so far and i love them and want so many more!! thank god my parents are ok with it. my dad loves art and my mom said she doesnt care as long as i dont use any of her money for it. i just cant wait for the next one

xxmichelexx xxmichelexx
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

yea i love it, i dont have any pics of it yet but when i do they will definately be up lol appropriate. Reborn from it's own ashes, the phoenix is a wonderful symbol.