It's About Time

It took me 30 years to get my first tattoo.  It wasn't that I was afraid of needles, or I didn't know what I wanted. In fact I had wanted the same design I had drawn out when I was 17, my favorite flower Forget Me Nots, a flower that has meaning for my Mother and me.    Problem was I couldn't decide where I wanted to have this permanent reminder.  Finally at 30 I decided and went in.  A little nervous but very excited, for I went there alone and spent 3 hours under the needle.  I found a lot about me that day.   I trusted a stranger to not only be up and close in my personal space, but to trust them with putting something permanent on me about something that meant a lot to me.

Well almost 7 years later I have decided to get my second and third tattoo.  This will be done during a long awaited girls weekend, two weeks from now.  This is special in its own way, as the first tattoo will be a Celtic knot symbolizing Sisterhood.  For each one of the girls with me for our weekend has all gone through some crazy **** to some degree or another.  The third tattoo will be a Celtic Motherhood Knot, symbolizing my children.

I have realized after becoming a mother that I feel the need to get more tattoos to express how I feel about them, or how I feel proud of being a mother.  Does anyone else feel this way?

ProtectiveMom ProtectiveMom
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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

My hubby has a tattoo bearing our names as an ambigram. It's really cool - I can look at him upside down. LOL ;) <br />
But I just got my first tattoo last December, a design, like yours, that I had since I was 18. And like you, spent 3 hours by myself, the needle, and the artist. A friend was texting me all the time making sure I'm doing good...but all I could mostly text was aaahhhhh! ;) But I really thought of myself very courageous to do it alone.