I Have Tattoos

i have 3 tattoos and all of then have meanings very personal to me. i am very proud of them all especially my last one which i designed myself.   They are in places i can either show them off or hide them if i want. this depends on who i'm with. my sister hates them so obviously i flash them then but i hide them for work. 

My first one was done in 2000, just after my son was born. its little miss naughty and is on my ankle. my second is not quite finished its the Chinese symbol for inner strength. i started to have this done in 2008, the same year i got divorced and my mum was taken ill. (its on my left wrist) it was never finished because my mum sadly died. her death lead to tattoo number 3. this is my favourite as i designed it myself as a memorial tattoo for my mum and it was dome 12 to commemorate the 1st anniversary of her death. its a butterfly on my boob but i've linked the cancer ribbon into the design. i think its really pretty and my mum would have loved it.

i want to have 1 more before i'm 40 but don't really know where to have it.  any ideas 

i also want to get the one on my wrist finished. i want a flower putting through it but i want the flower to mean something too. my sister made the comment, when i had my third one that i was a trollop!! and i should think of what i would look like when i was in my 70s. i replied that i would be EXTREMELY happy if when i was 70 someone still wanted to look at my boobs- i would be chuffed if someone wanted to look at them now!!!

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thank you. its been a hard 2 years( plus 4 before that when i got divorced) but i finally feel i am on the up.

I'm sorry to hear your mom died of cancer. It's nice of you to get a tattoo in memory of her.

I have an Eagle on my arm, from shoulder to elbow. When I flex and move my arm, the muscles make the Eagle appear to be "in motion". That was not my intention, though. It was to be my Companion in Combat.... My Inner Strength of Body and Mind.... known only to me.