52 individual leopard spots!

26 on each arm.

I've been thinking of getting another one but the boyfriend apparently doesn't want  any other tattoos. No "masterpieces" he says. We'll see about that. I probably won't get what I actually want to get done but I might just do another identical set of tattoos.

sparecincture sparecincture
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5 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Well with larger tattoos like the ones you see people get on their back I mean...<br />
The tattoo I wanted to get was kind of like that but I talked myself out of it. <br />
I don't personally enjoy the pain of tattoos let alone enduring it for 2-3 hours for 3-4 sessions

I'm glad to hear you won't listen to him when it comes to that. What's wrong with large tattoos?

The leopard spots they are slanted on both my forearms. If you'd like I'll post a photo on my profile and you can take a look at them :D.

Well I know its my choice. I never said I was going to listen to him. He just doesnt like large tattoos. Nor do I.

It's your body, not your boyfriends. If you want something done to your body it's your choice, not his.