Free Tattoos.

It used to take me forever to save up money for tattoos... But then I met people who tattoo, professional quality (both are and sterilization wise) out of their apartments. And in have had probably $1000 worth of work done for free in the last four months. Tomorrow, I get to start on another huge piece. For free. It feels so much more awesome having amazing tattoos done FOR FREE!!! I feel like such a spoiled baby and I just had to brag. Soon, I won't have any untattooed skin left...

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Well if you know 100% sure it's safe, then I say lucky you. Here in Holland it's about 3 times more expensive to get a tattoo than back in the USA. I have two tattoos that are about the same size. One is in black and one is brown and black. The black one was done in the USA and cost $50 dollars. The one done here in Holland was 190 Euros which is a little over 200 dollars. <br />
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I planned on getting another tattoo in January but then one of our cats became sick and the money I had saved for the tattoo was used for the vet. Sadly he wound up dieing a few days later and oddly enough the tattoo I wanted to get was in honor of a few other cats who passed away. Then I planned on getting it at the end of this month, but then I found out I was pregnant after 4 years of trying so it'll have to wait until after the baby is born. <br />
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So ya, you are very lucky that you get to get tattoos for free. I don't blame you for wanting to brag about it. I just hope you know for 100% sure it is safe.

Well, it's a water color by this guy Matthew Gray Gubler who plays one of my favourite characters on my favourite show Criminal Minds. Nerdy, I know. But, it's right up my alley of weird and quirky yet really really rad. So, I asked him if I could use it and he was totally cool about it. Since the only New Year resolution I have ever made was to never get a tattoo that didn't make me laugh, I figured it was a perfect addition to my canvas!