Double Figures

i got my first tattoo at 16, not wanting alot im now well into double figures and have more booked in, i love the art work got a beautiful pin up girl on my ribs, totally worth the pain, and i have the little mermaid on my arm, its awesome.

GeorgiValerie GeorgiValerie
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

I always wanted to have at least one tattoo and the first one was a little sort of reaper *** wizard on my right forearm, after that i combined the patch design of the bike club i was in and my marriage into a tattoo that had the club patch on my left upper arm with our names top and bottom with the date through the middle of the design that was a motorbike wheel. Due to the kind of job i did at the time a ring would have been potentialy dangerous so i went for the tattoo idea. While married i had a small to medium tatt' on my right shoulder of bats flying around a castle, bikers tend to be drawn to dark eerie things! The wedding tattoo outlasted first the marriage and then the club, in both cases interest waned and people went onto to other things. The club patch was designed by a girl in the club at the time and is of a celtic nature and very good too, i wanted to keep it and just had the names covered over with more celtic work and the date run over with an empty needle to draw the ink out so that it's now fading. Next up was yet another celtic design that sats on top of the cover up of my ex's name so now i was up to collar bone height. A bit of time elapsed and a new relationship inspired me to get some more work done and fancying something different i had crazy tribal merged with the celtic artwork that went up over the shoulder and onto my back. Another year or so's break and i had the hankering for more work, this time a Maori design was merged into the tribal, it's quite a large one in that by its design is spread out starting at the nape of my neck to half way down my back and across nearly to the spine. This one definetely hurt the most, normaly i get settled in and read a book while the work is being done but this time round i'd been out celebrating someones birthday the night before and done enough celebrating for everyone. All in all and with a ten minute break the Maori tattoo took two hours and for the last half hour i gave up trying to read completely as all i was doing was staring at the same page trying to ignore the pain. Having a dubious amount of alcohol in me meant my blood was thinner than normal and the tattooist had to push deeper than normal to get the ink to stay in. Will i have another tattoo after that experience? Most definetely (despite what i thought at the time!). Will i go out drinking the night before? No no and NO!!! :-()