Scared !!!

every since i was a little iv been scared shitless of needles. when i was 18 i thought i would get a tattoo. Walked into the shop seen the tat gun and couldnt go threw with it. Then a few years later i came to dubai to live with my uncile who is coverd in them he has about 20 i think. The one morning after a night out i woke up to the sound of the tat gun going of in my kitchen walked in and he was there getting another one. The artist turned round and asked me if i wanted one. me still being pissed up from a hardcore sesh yh why not ! well i jumped straight in the deep end and got a big dragon on my back coming over to my chest it took 8 n half hours all together. Had to do it 2 sittings tho. Ever since then im not scared of needles buzzin haha. Iv had a few more since the dragon but you can never beat the fealing from your first tat was awsum. Iv been thinking of having another one but dont want to get sumert rubbish so waiting till i realy no what i want. Would just like to say cheers to zirex the crazy lil filipino who did it for me.

tgrain tgrain
22-25, M
Feb 24, 2010