My Tattoos All Have Special Meaning...

    I have 4 tattoos and each one represents an important event or happening in my life. I had drawn out the picture that I wanted to get as my first back when I was 18 or 19. It was a very intricate depiction of a tigress and looked as real as life. Time passed and, though I never forgot about wanting to get the tattoo,  as a single Mom of  4, I could never justify spending the money that could always be used for the kids needs. Then, when my oldest son was 8, he was hospitalized for what was supposed to be a 7 to 14 day stay to re-evaluate his ADHD diagnosis and medication regime.


    Once he was hospitalized and withdrawn from all medication, the doctors began running tests and holding "behind closed-door meetings".  3 1/2 months later they finally met with me and, citing his unmedicated behavior while hospitalized, stated that, as a single mother with 3 children besides him, all under 12 years of age, they didn't think I could ADEQUATELY PARENT HIM! Why, they had a difficult time and there were 7 staff  members at all times on the ward!

    These so called educated medicine men thought he would be better served if he were raised in a State funded, government ran Group Home rather than letting me raise my son! Never mind the fact that I ASKED for the re-evaluation, that he had a set routine along with his medication at home or that he had NEVER spent even a single night away from me until this hospitalization! I was furious and they had just begun to see how hard a mother will fight when someone threatens her young!

    When the case finally went to court, I was given the opportunity to tell the judge, Child Protective Services and the doctors from the hospital involved with his case what the difference between the child they saw and dealt with and  the one I dealt with on a daily basis. They knew him off medication, in a totally alien environment completely away from the only person that had ever been a constant in his life! They were looking at him as a "case study" whereas I saw a tender-hearted young boy that loved his Mom and who was fiercely loved in return! I wanted him HOME with me and his siblings where he was loved and valued as an individual, not seen as a set of symptoms and behaviors! Finally, the judge understood what I was saying and in the end, love and family won out and my son came home to stay. On my way to pick him up when he finally got to come home I stopped and got the tiger tattoo placed over my heart to symbolize the love and fight of a mother when something threatens her young.

    I've gotten 3 more tattoos since then, each one representing an equally important event in my life. Each one is a symbol of victory over life's difficulties and has a beauty and life unseen by those who see them only as tattoos and not as the artistic representation of triumph over life's adversities that they truly are to me .                                                                                       

imacamarogirl2 imacamarogirl2
46-50, F
Feb 27, 2010