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Fourteen hours and $1400 later... still not finished.  It's been almost two years years, to complete only a little more than half of my tattoo.  I like tattoos because they are so varied and so unique to the person wearing them - but I guess that's obvious.  It's funny that here are so many people who have tattoos, but society has barely begun to except them - even if they signify a beautiful meaning.  My parents have finally begun to accept the fact that I actually have one; they still hate it of course, but at least they don't nag me about it anymore.


I remember wearing a backless shirt outside of Starbucks one day, and an older man approached me, while wearing a very disturbed expression on his face, and said, "How could such a beautiful young girl completely destroy her body and future?!"  I was startled and almost alarmed.  Calmly, I replied, "Sir, you are entitled to your opinion, but this is apart of who I am," and walked away.  He tried to have some kind of debate with me, but I just really wasn't having it.  Even if society never accepts tattoos, which is fine with me because I am happy just as it is, how can people be so judgmental without even getting to know them better?  It reminds me of a saying I once heard (I think it's from the bible, but I'm not sure, and I don't know if I am saying it word-for-word) Take the spec out of your own eye, before taking the log out of someone else's.

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Your tat is amazing! I like tats on others but I would not get one myself. That said, it is only for me personally, but your tat is very interesting. I wish I could see it better. I can not see the detail, with all it's colors, I would like to see more of a close up. Not sure what sort of a camera you used or was it a camera-phone? I hope you could post a closer or pic where I can see the details to do all of that work and cost ($$) in having your back inscribed so beautifully.
So, again natridethewaves please post of send me a better pic, I would appreciate it and I can comment or ask questions about it.

All my best to you, octogen

Eeek! Sounds awful!! Well, good luck with your back & I hope all goes well with the aftercare!

Thank you, oceansp... Yes - it's a mermaid, I wish I could make the picture bigger - oh well.<br />
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I've done four sessions, and I've done two of those alone. So, I've done the aftercare myself. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up any new talent as far as reaching goes - but it isn't impossible. I do have a few tips that might make it easier, though. <br />
*When you rinse off after taking off the packaging; find a water temp. that is comfortable (I like luke warm). Try letting the water stream hit a part of your body that has not been tattooed, and let the water stream run over the part that is.<br />
*The hardest part to do by myself was cleansing it. I practically did the same thing with soap that I did with the water. When I was by myself I just went through the motions as fast as humanly possible - and probably didn't do the greatest cleaning job. But you want it the shedding to peel off naturally anyway.<br />
*My final tip, (which is my secret weapon) I highly recommend picking up Aquaphor at your local drug store. It's a healing ointment and it really got me through all the aftercare. I applied it every time my skin got dry, which will amazingly happened quite often. But this stuff is extremely moisturizing and will make it feel a lot better.<br />
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It's hard to do it by yourself, but not impossible. It helps to work in sections. If you really can't reach a certain part, try an extra soft-bristle paint brush. Dip it in the ointment, hold on to the handle and gently paint it on.<br />
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Hope this helps! All the best

Thanks! I hope to - who knows how long it will take though! :-P