Im Just Wondering

Can You get a job with a wrist tattoo? I know most jobs wont hire if you have really vi sable tattoos, but I don't think a wrist tattoo is that vi sable. I  was just wondering that its not gunna stop me from getting the tat i want I'm just curious bout it  that's the one i want to get. =D

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I have noticeable tattoos on both of my wrists and I work in Veterinary Medicine. I've never had trouble finding a job... Hope this helps. :)

My friend has a number 13 tattooed on her wrist and she is a receptionist in a bank. So either they don't mind or she wears super long sleeves year-round.

haha well thanxs

awesome =D

Before my tattoos were out of control, I held a decent job for two years with my knuckles, neck and forearms tattooed.

lol i am not cute and the instrument i play is easy but its not an instrument you could play n a band

in the above post is a link to the one that i want is a heart wth a treble clef on the inside cuz i love music and cuz i use the treble clef to play music

well im not worried bout its not gunna stop me from getting it there i was just wondering cuz you can usually hide it with long sleeves but thats the tatoo i want to get<br />
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