I have a pretty good sized piece inked across my upper back: Red solar disk in the middle, and a small cobra coming out of the curve near the bottom and back up, laterally. On each side is a large Egyptian eye, The two eyes together represent the waxing and waning of the moon, which for the egyptians was the cycle of life. The two eyes are also a very powerful amulet for defense against dark magic. The solar disk is representative of Horus, the leading god in the pantheon, and the two cobras represent the two kingdoms - the upper and lower Nile.

I plan on getting at least one more piece done...want a winged scarab on my forearm, with the beetle's body on the topside of my arm and its wings wrapping around. I'm thinking the body about 3" long and the wings just about meeting on the opposite side of my arm.





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Thanks! It's a special design to me, because it's taken from a painting that was done by my chosen brother, who is a gifted artist. It makes me feel like he's 'got my back.'

WOW!! Your tats sound amazing! :)