New To This Group And Recently Had A Tearful Moment.

Hello All,

I am new here, and I just had a tearful moment that was this past Friday.

Well, the tearful moment was mostly because I was overwhelmed with studying this weekend. That is studying for three tests. And my professor added another a comment that she read from other students (Which are critiques on my massages on them), that she wants me to improve on. I almost cried around her, but I withheld that. It's a comment that I know that I am going to improve on. It's just wasn't the right time to talk to me about it.

However, I did end up crying when I left the school. These tears were just for me to let the stress all out. And by the way, the teacher did mention that I was going to pass, that wasn't the problem. It's just that I have to do something about the consistency and go  deep in the people that I am massaging.

Anybody else felt like crying when they were stressed?

midnightstarr midnightstarr
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Dear midnightstarr,<br />
I'm not sure that things are as bad as they seem. I'm not trying to minimize your feelings hon as it must feel awful to be in your position. <br />
However; Putting things in perspective I'm seeing a wonderful, motivated young lady who's attempting to better educate herself and has already received her profs. endorsement. This young lady also happens to be a little bit shy and self conscious even when faced with the great news that your prof is likely challenging you due to his(her) belief that you will do better and is trying to get the most out of you.<br />
Try not to worry too hard hon as I fail to see how an articulate, well-intentioned, self-motivated and successful woman can go anywhere other than up.<br />
I'm a woman who's a little like you as I'm a crossdresser and have had to learn that people will like me or hate me but their opinion of me is irrelevant as long as i feel like a lady in my own skin.<br />
Write me if you'd like to chat more.<br />


This story was written about two years ago. I have changed programs and I am now in Broadcasting.

I had another, almost emotional breakdown.<br />
<br />
This time it almost happened in class. The problem, I was the only person without a partner and I need to have a partner in order to do a Massage. I can't be in a group of three. So, I ended up watching other people, and almost crying. Now, I didn't shed a tear, but I had a runny nose. I even left the classroom at one point to talk to the teacher. The only thing that I mention to her is that I do really need to get out of my head. All I did was think until someone showed up late. I ended up doing a massage on her.

I tend to cry when situations are out of my control... a release of the frustration & helplessness. I try to keep the moments to myself... but find that, more often than not, those truly dreaded words, "Are you OK?" invoke a blubbering emotional breakdown regardless of location & circumstance. UGH! How I hate that, yet cannot control it. Seems the older I get, the worse it gets. I blame the hormones! LOL

4vrUnique,<br />
<br />
I think that crying is just a release of the emotion that we are feeling at the moment. For me, I am glad that I didn't cry in front of my professor, but just when I got out of school (Still in public).

Yes. I cry when I'm overwhelmed and don't have the skills to deal with what is happening to me. This is new, I wasn't always weepy. I'll also cry when I feel like I've done my best in a stressful situation and those around me either didn't notice or are criticizing me because they didn't think I did it well enough.