My Eyes Water And Sting A Lot

I have had a busy day just going to the pharmacy for medications, going to the vet hospital for my cat, and looking around a few stores

now my eyes are watering as I was coming home my nose and eyes started watering from the wind and pollutions

I feel so tired and nauseated and dizzy I am just sitting up on the bed and sipping a cup of coffee to try to revive me.

I could easily break down and a few times I nearly did out thinking about my cat and my rotten life

and how much I wish I was normal to have a wonderful man in my life.

I could not help thinking about all the hurt people have put on me and just wonder why god gave me life.

I am sad.  I wish I could be pretty and thin again. and clever and time with my cat ....

I wish I could get over this awful affliction

sometimes I wish I had someone to hold onto and just be able to feel comforted

I wish I could afford to move from here and even just afford to see my massage guy more like once a week.

my neck and shoulders and back are so sore and it makes me feel dizzy and ill.

I wish I could be put into hospital and they just do everything that needs doing asap without me even knowing

I don't want to have to book myself in for surgery and all the prep stuff will be too much for me with my ear or back.

its something I am afraid of. I would want a room of my own.
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36-40, F
May 10, 2012