My 14 Year Old

I need alot of help... my youngest son was born with many disabilities. Some visable, some not. He was born with severe bilateral club feet. He was severely jaundiced and allergic to every formula tried. We spent many weeks every year at Phoenix Children's Hospital. He was teased and tormented for the way he walked, his large size, and other issues. At age 8 he ended up hospitalized, yet again. He was having urination and bowel issues. MRI discovered another problem: spina bifida occulta (hidden spina bifida). His spinal cord to bladder and bowel is also tethered and causes nerve issues to his bladder and bowel. He also has "intermittent explosive rage disorder". He pulls knives on his brother and sister. I do not live with my ex or kids. Maybe it is time that I bring my youngest home to me. I am at a loss....
valhallaboundirish2 valhallaboundirish2
41-45, F
Dec 16, 2012