New Stepson From Russia

I have an 18 year-old stepson from Russia who I will meet for the first time next year. He's coming to NYC to live with us. We've never spoken to each other before. He doesn't even know I exist. My husband (his father) separated from his wife who's still living in Russia. From what I've heard, my stepson is very mature for his age, respects women and the elderly, and looks like a young clone of his father. I'm relieved to hear that because I don't want any ungrateful brat living in my home.  He loves America despite Putin's anti-American propaganda. He doesn't understand English so we must drill it into him until he speaks, breathes, sleeps, eats in English. We won't allow his circle of friends to be exclusive to Russians. They're too clannish. I'm going to cook up a storm of mouth-watering food like Beef Bourguignon to fatten him up because I hear he looks like a twizzler.  I hear there's nothing in Russia to eat expect for beets, potatoes and vodka. Poor kid never saw a 3-D movie before.  He's musically gifted so he probably could make some dough by playing an instrument on the subway platforms. I don't want him to think of me as a second mother, an aunt, or a sister. Because I'm none of those.  He's really excited about making NYC his new home.  It is a far cry from his sleepy bumpkin hometown.  I love being there to see a young person's dreams materialize before his eyes.
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31-35, F
May 10, 2012