I Love My Teens Even Though They Drive Me Crazy!

Why are teenagers so full of drama. I am not just talking about girls either. I have teen boys and I think they have some kind of pact that says that if one of them is in a good mood, the other has to be cranky and complaining about EVERYTHING. Ugh...I love them to pieces but sometimes I want to run screaming from the house. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
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2 Responses Oct 24, 2011

Ah , me too!
My oldest daughter is 20 now but when she was a teenager she used to keep her comments for herself. So does my 12 yo girl.
But with my 16 yo son it is different. He constantly feels the need to make comments and say what he thinks. When me and my husband argue with our other children they just end up apologising (even if they don't always mean it) and after that everything is fine. My son always yells and refuses to listen to us , he eventually goes to his room and doesn't talk to us for the next few days. He's a good kid tho and we just keep calm , but it can be really difficult sometimes

I had two teen boys and found that they were little problem at all compared to my teen daughter :-)