I Am Annoyed With My Teenager

I am so frustrated. He left for Study Abroad in Mexico about three weeks and will return in three more weeks. Just before he left, without telling me, he bought travelers checks. And immediately did not know where they are. I learned this on the morning he left. So ... being the mom, I called the bank and Amrican Express and wormed the numbers of the checks out of them, and filed a lost or stolen check thingie. They needed more info that only he give. I gave me the toll free number to call from Mexico but has he called ??? NO. He does not believe the number is toll free. Has he checked ??? NO. Now, he says he's almost out of money but does he plan to call American Express ??? NO. He doesn't think there's time to work it out.  I love him love him love him and want to pull his ears.
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lol, if I were his parent, I'd drive myself crazy with the stress and worry of it. But oh well, time enough yet for that with my own kid(s) once I get there. Doesn't sound like there's much you can do until he gets back unless he decides to cooperate. Just remember to take a relaxing hot bath or something before then, so that you don't let it drive you crazy. Stress just isn't worth it, especially when you can't do much more than you're doingalready. Good luck.

They have to learn by theirself's, but it's a thing me and my husband fight over all the time if he had his way they would be wrapped in cottonwool and not allowed to leave the house till safely married(to someone he thinks is suitable) me on the other hand thinks by 18 they need to go out and make some (hopefully)small mistakes and have a life!

Hence the ex<x>pression "Shouldn't be allowed out without his mother". As the mother of loveable teenagers who occasionally leave their brains under the bed, I empathize.

oh god rcrisp i hope your right. cuz right now i think i'd like to cut my teenagers ears right off!!!!

Sometimes the only way to learn is by making mistakes - especially for the stubborn ones (like me ;))<br />
Your prayer will sustain him, and yes, I do think South Americans are hospitable nice-hearted people!

If pulling his ears is the most you feel like doing, then you are a more patient mom than me!! lol