Could I Have Temporal Arteritis?

I'm 24 years old, and healthy! Minus the fact i have severe panic disorder and Health anxiety! For the last week now I've been having these headaches that are everywhere, which doesn't really bother me considering I've had an exam from both my Primary Doctor and my optometrist who both saw nothing wrong, or out of line with them. Well, I started getting pain in my jaw that goes up to my temple. That pain come and goes, and it's not intense (knock on wood!) What I'm asking is, could this be temporal Arteritis, or just my health anxiety kicking me in the butt?!
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Sounds like cipro/levaquin or quinolone toxicity to me... Take any over the last 2 years, symptoms are delayed onset

Hi, xocnagem,
It is very unfortunate that you have anxiety disorders--my eldest daughter does, too, and it can really be a battle. In answer to your question, it is unlikely that you have Temporal Arteritis because of your age BUT the disease is occuring in more and more young people everywhere. Since anxiety can cause the jaw to spasm, I would think this is more likely the cause. If you are having double vision, pain upon shampooing or brushing your hair, etc., then you may indeed have TA. I think it would be adviseable to see a neurologist/psychiatrist type doctor and ask them what they think. I'm not sure why we get so wrapped up in thinking about everything our body is doing, but that kind of anxiety can deceptively lead us into thinking a lot of things that aren't true. Warmest wishes to you for peace and inner strength for your future......

Hi dear, don't stress yourself out, please. You're very young, and healthy I'm sure. The stress will only cause you to feel more pain, mental or physical. How long have these symptoms been happening? If they continue, see your doc, or ask a doc here on the web:
I can't tell you yes or no, so I suggest asking a professional. All I can say is to relax, and I'm sure you're fine!