30+ Male Living With Thal Minor And Anxiety/panic

I wasn't diagnosed until my 20's and for the most part I often forget that I have it.

I was diagnosed by my doctor after he found the iron anomoly in my regular bloodwork. We did some additional testing and he came up with his diagnosis. So far mild anemia seems to be my only symptom, which does affect my ability to exercise and makes diet and nutrition very important. I was also a very small child, I didn't mature physically until i was 16 y/o, something that appears to be related to thal minor.

The main reason I'm writing this here, is that since my mid 20's I've been suffering from increased anxiety and panic attacks and wonder if there is any relation to thal minor. I have an ongoing fear of heart-related problems, mainly a heart attack, due to anxiety induced palpatations and frequent numbness/pains in my upper left chest and arm. The worst of the palpatation episodes have happened at night, and I wake udn't damaged my heart.

The awful feeling of not being able to reduce your heartrate (during sleep panic attacks), and the fear of a heart attack have made it very difficult for me to exercise, or at least to get my body into that "zone" of optimum heartrate. Once I get my heart pumping from vigorous exercise, my mind starts to try to identify any type of heart attack symptom (chest/back pain, inability to breathe, numbness etc..) and of course when you start to look for something it becomes easier to find.

Any other 30+ males out there dealing with this?

Do any of you regularly test your hemoglobin or iron levels?

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i just saw this post and wanted to share something with you. this may not be the same for you, but i also have thal minor and have suffered from palpitations for many years, especially when i went to bed at night, although i would get them at times during theday. sometimes i would feel like my heart was floating or going to push through my chest and i was always scared. the doctors couldnt find anything wrong with my heart, except that i had a slight "backwash" with one valve. he told me it wasnt mitral valve and that i didnt have to worry about it. he also said it wouldnt give me palpitations but might cause the "pushing" feeling that i sometimes got. anyway, he prescribed the lowest dose of a beta blocker. i also suffer migraines and he said that would help with them too. i actually have to take half of the lowest dose because my blood pressure is usually pretty low(half of a 25 m tablet a day). i am now 50(female) and i can tell you that very low dose of beta blocker has helped me tremendously. i never thought it could be associated with the thal minor but after reading your post, perhaps it is. i have always been anemic, not just a trait carrier. i hope this helps!

I am 16 years old and have yet to mature physically. My mom has thal minor and I'm almost positive I have it too. I am very petite and pale. I have had the same pains you talk about, around the left side near my heart. It could be muscular but it feels too painful to be from that. It is almost a crippling searing pain.

Hi, I am turning 36 this year and I have beta thalassemia intermedia.<br />
Thru out my childhood I've experienced moderate symptoms of anemia...<br />
Light headedness, shortness of breath during exercise etc.<br />
<br />
Towards the end of my university life I've started to experience episodes of anxiety, <br />
panic attacks and insomnia during stressful situations. (Exams, Job Interview, relationships)<br />
<br />
At first I thought it is something wrong with my stomach because the most noticable <br />
symptoms are stomach churning, nausea and trembling.<br />
<br />
When I turned 30 I became fed up constraint my anxiety had on<br />
my quality of life and I started seeking help from a psychologist.<br />
With counseling and a very mild use of anti-depressants, I started gaining some<br />
control over my anxiety problem.<br />
<br />
However whenever I get sick, I would experience stronger sympton of anemia<br />
and anxiety.<br />
<br />
I am not condoning the using of anti-depressants as I am not sure how it will<br />
workout for myself.<br />
<br />
But I hope my sharing would help you in some way.

Hi. I am a 36 year old male - I was diagnosed with Thal Minor in my first year, due too being a little bit poorly after birth. <br />
<br />
Firstly, I don't know I have Thal minor, because I've always had it! My energy levels feel 'normal' to me, however, I do, my comparison to others, lack energy. Aside from that, I thought my condition didn't have much effect on my life.<br />
<br />
However. I know where my Thal came from - I have traced it back through my dad, and his mother. The same route also has a history of anxiety, depression and bipolar conditions - it's very marked. I am now wondering about the coexistence of Thal minor and mood disorders. Some limited result shocked me to the core. Apparently, there is, some indication of Thal and mood disorder.<br />
<br />
It's always dangerous to associate one disorder with another. However, your symptoms match mine, and many others in my family.<br />
<br />
It might be that your symptoms are associated with Thal, but not assocaited with your heart, but rather your mind. Ironically... "People diagnosed with heterozygous (carrier) β thalassemia have some protection against coronary heart disease" !!!!